Yin and Yang Artworks. What's Your Style?

Yin or Yang artwork, pauline H art

Yin and Yang Artworks.

What's Your Style?

I separate my work in 2 different categories: Yin and Yang.

As you might have noticed - and even though the technique is still the same, fluid art - the energy and the vibes of these different types of artwork differ greatly.

The Ying and Yang, reflect what we all know: the duality of this world.

The feminine and masculine, the sun and the moon, the heat and the cold, the days and the nights, work and rest, action and surrender, giving and receiving...

Because balance needs both elements.

Because in life, we need both to feel fulfilled, happy, and vibrant. This is not any different for my work.

We all have some feminine and masculine energy. The beauty of life is to be able to embrace both of them and rebalance them when we need to depending on what we need, on the time of the day, on the period of our lives.

My deepest hope is that you can use these cues to balance your own environment, depending on what you need.

A Yin artwork could be great in an office space, to lighten the energy and bring a breath of fresh air, for example. 


While a Yang artwork is great, wherever you'd like to bring some energy. 


Often times, people tend to be strongly attracted by one of these 2 styles. Maybe it might just tell you something... I like to think we are naturally attracted by what will bring us back into balance, even though we might not be aware of it, or even if we are consciously trying to push against it in our own lives. 

Food for thoughts...


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