Why goddess and nudes into abstract artwork?

Why incorporating goddesses into abstract work?

Have you ever wondered about the powerful feminine energy that flows through the universe? Artist and creator, Pauline, delves into the depths of this infinite creative force through her unique abstract art pieces. By incorporating drawings of women's bodies and the goddess that resides within each of us, she brings to life the essence of femininity and creativity.

What is the significance of representing the goddess in art?

Representing the goddess in art is a way to honour and celebrate the divine feminine energy that exists in all of us. By showcasing the beauty, strength, and wisdom of the goddess, Pauline aims to inspire others to embrace their own inner goddess and tap into their creative potential.

How do drawings of women's bodies enhance the artwork?

The intricate drawings of women's bodies in Pauline's art serve as a visual representation of the goddess within. Each curve, line, and shape symbolizes the unique beauty and power of the feminine form, inviting viewers to connect with their own femininity and inner strength.

What message does this artwork convey?

Through her abstract art pieces, Pauline conveys a message of empowerment, self-love, and creativity. By showcasing the goddess within us all, she

encourages viewers to embrace their true selves, unleash their creative energy, and connect with the powerful feminine force that flows through the universe, and each and every one of us.

Experience the beauty and power of the goddess within through Pauline's captivating abstract art pieces. Let her creations inspire you

to tap into your own infinite creative energy and embrace the divine feminine within.



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