In The Studio: Behind The Scenes


The technique I am using is called fluid art or acrylic pouring.

I work with a few distinct steps in order to create and I'll try to explain them below, so you can better understand my work.


Step 1: Colors, Size & Composition

The first step will be to carefully choose my colors and the size of the canvas. Then, I will reflect on the composition I'd like to have. It's almost impossible to know exactly how the piece will turn out with fluid art but when you master what you're doing, you can have an impact and guide the creative process in a specific direction, without controlling 100% of the outcome.


This is exactly what I'll do in this first step. I will tune into whatever feeling or mood I'd like to express. Then I will choose the colors, the format, and the composition accordingly.


Step 2: Pouring and Effects

The second phase of the process is the pouring, which is definitely one of my favorites because you can let yourself be entirely absorbed in the creation. To me, it's a type of meditation, of connection to a source of energy and light, to something bigger than ourselves.

This step will also define the main character of the piece. It is the foundation of the artwork.

Once the pouring has taken place, I work with different media, mediums, and products to create some structure, depth, movements, and details. This will reinforce the character and message of the artwork.


Step 2: Dust, Details, and Varnish

After the artwork has dried, I will take time to really see where I want to take it. Sometimes, I'd be happy with what it is and I have nothing to add. In that case, I will just make sure all the details are perfect, sign it, and varnish it.

Other times, I will want to add more details, draw some lines and dots, dusting some parts of the artwork with spray paint, or adding some texture to strengthen some elements. 

When the piece is finished, I then varnish it with a glossy varnish that deepens the dimension of the artwork and, of course, protects it. 


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